When I was a kid, we were all going to die from “global cooling” and if we didn’t freeze to death then that giant hole in the ozone would cause our skin to melt right off our bodies.  But now, well, not really just now, but a while before now, Al Gore told us we would all be swept up by the rising tide of melting glaciers by 2014!  Seriously, he told then relevant, Katie Couric, in a 2006 interview that if  (the communist globalists) didn’t do something to deal with “global warming”–yeah that’s what THEY called it back then, “Yes, in fact, the World Trade Center Memorial site would be underwater.”  YIKES!  

So, there was a lot of global warming fearmongering going on around that time…all of it extremely political, and then Obama, like  “who the heck is this junior Senator,” Barack Obama jumped on the narrative liferaft and flooded this agenda so hard he had his propaganda Czar scare the crap out of little kids, THE SKY IS FALLING…so reminiscent of my childhood where we were all going to freeze to death, or starve to death or get nuked by Russia.  I mean come on, THEY hired SPOCK to scare us in the 70s!  Spock, the most pragmatic guy of the day…Spock couldn’t lie, it was against his Vulkan nature.  


Ok, so I veered off topic a bit, but just enough to show you how potent and effective political propaganda is.  But the reason I am writing this is to shout out a warning to some of our most influential political authorities that they are in GRAVE danger like their very existence could be wiped out!  

Influencers like Bill and Melinda gates! They paid $43 million for a massive house on the beach in Del Mar, California, near San Diego.  My gosh, don’t they realize the risk they are putting themselves in?  Who’s going to get this disaster-prone property in the divorce?  Melinda needs to take their children and RUN to higher ground!  

Bill and Melinda Gates California oceanfront home
Bill and Melinda Gates Oceanfront home doomed by climate change to be swallowed up by the ocean

What about the Obamas?  Don’t they realize that Hawaii will be underwater soon?  They won’t be safe in their  $11.75 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard either!  Who will warn them?  And what about the house they are building in Hawaii?  It is right on the ocean!  

What about Al Gore?  Why aren’t these people terrified to spend millions of dollars on homes that will soon be underwater?  Just 3 years after his doom and gloom interview with Couric, an expert on Global warming, and warning that NY city would be underwater by 2014, Al Gore spent nearly $9 million for an ocean view property in Montecito, California!  WHAT?  Did he have a death wish?

Poor Nancy Pelosi and her recent purchase of a $25 million dollar, oceanfront property on Juniper Island, Flordia?  Good Lord woman, we know you are very old and perhaps suffering from early-stage dementia, but do you really think that all of your millions will save you from the rising tides of destruction your Democrat party has been warning us about?  Doesn’t GLOBAL WARMING SCARE YOU like you have fearmongered the American public for the last 2 decades?  Pelosi is climate change denier

How about the truth?  All of these people are liars!  YES, lying, dog-faced pony soldiers!  These people don’t believe the Bullchit they are peddling, obviously!  They are “climate deniers!”  They are, right in your face, denying their own “Climate Change” agenda!  

No different with Joe Biden pushing us to drive Electric Cars when he has never owned one!  And how about Kamala Harris, our Vice President who doesn’t even know how to plug in an Electric vehicle as her first experience, shown on National TV was awkward and obviously something completely foreign to her. 

It’s all a well-thought-out lie!  

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