Sometimes you get sucked into a very bizarre Netflix movie and you wonder how you ever got there.  You all know what I am talking about…so a few months back I watched this very strange, little movie short about these people living in a house that was being overtaken by the sea and the owner refused to leave until the water was flowing into the house.  It was one of those artsy fartsy creations, like a Cannes Film Festival that obviously had a deeper meaning than I was willing to submerge my soul into.  I never thought about that odd cinematic experience again until… 

So, somehow Facebook thinks I lean left at times and floats around these “save the world from global warming” on my timeline.  Sometimes I look, just to see what the Liberal lunatics are up to.  But this time I couldn’t look away!  The house!  Well, not exactly the same, but so similar it was the same house.  The very house that was in that little movie short was staring me right in the face, but not just the house…a heartbreaking, fearmongering, climate cult warning.

Obviously, now my interest is piqued.  Holland Island, let’s look into this.  

OMG, I had to wade, neck-deep through the marsh of liberal propaganda.  CLIMATE CHANGE!  RISING WATERS! ISLANDS BEING SWALLOWED BY THE SEA!  I had to change the way I asked Google to get the real, truthful answer as to what was going on with the island in the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland.  

Seriously, it was extremely arduous to sift through all the silt to get a clear view, filtered from all the propaganda, of what was really happening.  “However, thermal expansion and melting ice are not the only reasons we see “However, thermal expansion and melting ice are not the only reasons we see rising waters in the Chesapeake Bay area. There is also a process known as land subsidence, which is the sinking of the Earth’s surface due to changes that happen underground. As land sinks, the water in the Bay rises.”

Interestingly, when I was reading the above-linked article, the words “rising waters” was linked to site telling me all about how I better start building that Ark, and SOON!  But, the words “land subsidence” was not linked to anything that really explained this and how common it is for islands to succumb to this, sinking.  

I needed to know more about this land subsidence occurrence.  So like any good, cutting-edge writer, I employed Bard to look it up for me.  After all, AI is the new trend.  Here’s what Bard said:

So, just throw, ‘rising sea levels” in each one for good measure.  Actually, they aren’t really wrong; when an island sinks into the sea, the level of the water will encroach or appear to be rising on the land.  I then asked Bard to give me a list of all the islands that have sunk or are currently sinking due to Land subsidence and in every instance it had to include “climate change.”  It was almost like it was PROGRAMMED to add that.  So I did this—

Is this the truth?  As a matter of fact, going back to the reason I started to investigate this, remember that little movie short and the house on Holland Island…the Chesapeake Bay where that little island is located must be dredged every year due to immense silt buildup.  If it is not dredged then the water is not deep enough for ships to travel through.  Hmmm, rising sea levels?  

But really folks, this is a follow-the-money ideology.  Yes, some islands are indeed sinking.  And from a propaganda-soaked perspective, one could stand on the shoreline and claim that the water is rising, but in reality, the land is sinking.  This article, regarding the island nation of Tuvalu, is pretty fantastic and a great read.  The author does a wonderful job of exposing the ploys politicians use to get money employing the fearmongering of CLIMATE CHANGE!  “

“In the Yahoo News story, titled “‘Tuvalu is sinking:’ Island nation threatened by sea-level rise looks for salvation,” Paeniu explains to Yahoo News senior editor David Knowles that Tuvalu came to COP26 requesting developed countries give it money to help it take actions to stave off its climate change-induced disappearance.”

“Contrary to Paeniu and Yahoo News’ assertions, the IPCC’s recent 6th Assessment Report (AR6) does not indicate climate change has caused hurricanes to increase in number or intensity.

“There is low confidence in most reported long-term (multidecadal to centennial) trends in TC [tropical cyclone] frequency- or intensity-based metrics,” concluded the IPCC in AR6.

“Also, research consistently shows Tuvalu’s landmass is growing, not sinking beneath the waves.”

Even the BBC, YES the BBC denies what Yahoo News was claiming and states, “As discussed by the BBC, one study examined 27 islands spanning Tuvalu, Kiribati, and the Federated States of Micronesia, and found that over the last 60 years, 80 percent of the islands either maintained their size or grew, with some growing dramatically.”  And only one mention of “rising sea levels” debunking it!  

Then we have National Geographic joining in on the chat claiming that these little Pacific islands, in the middle of the ocean are actually growing, not being swallowed up by rising sea levels.  One would think that if the sea levels were actually rising and swallowing up islands that these would be the most susceptible.  RIGHT?  They all want $$$$…climate change money that the US hands out like candy.  

We must start seeing reality for what it is and stop with the “climate change” fearmongering.  The climate changes and in all actuality we are in a period of global cooling.  Ok, so I know this all started with the little short movie and islands sinking, NOT disappearing from “rising sea levels.”  But, I just had to have this discussion with Bard and I know it deviates slightly from the Island theme, but I do think it is important to see how these AI (artificial intelligence) entities are pushing the narrative…almost like someone has programmed them.

ME: we are in a period of global cooling


BARD: “No, we are not in a period of global cooling. The Earth’s climate has been warming since the Industrial Revolution, and the rate of warming has accelerated in recent decades. This warming is due to human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat, which causes the Earth’s temperature to rise.”

“There is a scientific consensus that the Earth is warming, and that this warming is caused by human activities. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the leading international body for the assessment of climate change, has concluded that it is extremely likely that human activities caused more than half of the observed increase in global mean surface temperature from 1951 to 2010.”

“The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world. These effects include rising sea levels, more extreme weather events, and changes in plant and animal life. Climate change is a serious threat to the planet, and it is important to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

ME: Earth is also currently experiencing a surprisingly long period with very low sunspot activity.

Bard: “Yes, that is correct. The Sun is currently in a period of low solar activity, which is known as a solar minimum. Solar minimums occur every 11 years or so, and the current solar minimum is expected to last until 2025. During a solar minimum, the Sun produces fewer sunspots, which are dark spots on the Sun’s surface that are associated with magnetic activity. Sunspots are important because they can produce flares and coronal mass ejections, which can disrupt radio communications and power grids on Earth.”

“The current solar minimum is particularly long, and it is not yet clear why this is the case. Some scientists believe that the Sun is entering a period of prolonged low activity, while others believe that the current solar minimum is just a temporary blip. More research is needed to understand why the Sun is currently experiencing such low activity.”

ME: low sunspot activity means cooler earth temperatures

Bard: “There is a weak correlation between sunspot activity and Earth’s temperature.”

“The Sun’s activity goes through an 11-year cycle, with periods of high and low sunspot activity. During periods of high sunspot activity, the Sun emits more energy, which can cause Earth’s temperature to rise slightly. During periods of low sunspot activity, the Sun emits less energy, which can cause Earth’s temperature to fall slightly.”

“However, the effects of sunspot activity on Earth’s temperature are small compared to the effects of human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat, which causes the Earth’s temperature to rise.”

“The current solar minimum is expected to last until 2025. It is not clear whether this will cause Earth’s temperature to fall slightly. However, it is important to note that the effects of sunspot activity on Earth’s temperature are small compared to the effects of human activities.”

You see Bard doesn’t want to admit the truth but it is virtually impossible not to!  When there are small amounts of sunspots the earth cools, when there are more sunspots the earth warms.  THAT IS SCIENCE! 

We are being so inundated with a flood of lies simply to promote the money-making scheme of climate change using fear.  This is no different than the pharmaceutical companies hiring the Grim Reaper for their Vaccine ads! 

Ahhm but look how quickly I get off topic…there is one last issue I haven’t mentioned regarding a particular phenomenon that evidently is a great concern to some people…people in politics, powerful people in politics.  Democrat Hank Johnson from the great state of Georgia questioned Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command on a very serious issue regarding installing 8,000 Marines from the Japanese island of Okinawa to the U.S. Pacific island territory of Guam.  The dire and pressing issue?  That the small island of Gaum had the potential to…”capsize”  YES, “tip over and capsize.”  As President Biden loves to say, “No joke!  This is not hyperbole.” 

How in the world will we combat this?  And how does climate change affect this unheard-of but obviously possible disaster?  Will the rising water, accompanied by tropical winds (caused by climate change) facilitate the capsizing of the island of Guam?  This may be the biggest issue that the Pacific Islands face, worse than sinking…one might even say, an existential threat!






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