April 4, 2018

And so it begins! Those who have registered guns, those who have concealed carry permits will be the first targeted! It will be interesting to see how the “village” of Deerfield carries out this ban. “Rulemakers in the village of Deerfield, Illinois, have voted unanimously to ban semi-automatic rifles, along with pistols and shotguns “with certain features,” as well as with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.” So, allow me to digress for a moment and point out something that piqued my spidey senses. The term, “village” used by the media and lawmakers in this, um, place. Words mean things and conger up ideas in one’s mind, like the term “village”. Sounds small, quaint and a by the technical term; Village – a village is a human settlement or community that is larger than a hamlet but, smaller than a town. A “human settlement”, well, ok. What criteria determines a human settlement a town? Large town – a large town has a population of 20,000 to 100,000. Town – a town has a population of 1,000 to 20,000. So, does Deerfield, IL fit into that commune type, everyone agrees and works together type of settlement? Deerfield, IL has a population of 18,686 and is the 2,338th largest city in the United States. The population density is 3,381 per sq mi which is 1421% higher than the Illinois average and 3632% higher than the national average. Well, that settles that, Deerfield is verging on a large town and well within the criteria of a town. But, even though…it is a village. Ok, call it a village…

I also wanted to know a little more about this quaint little village, like what kind of people live there? Are they average, middle-class Americans? First things first, let’s look at the average price of a home in Deerfield. Mean prices in 2016: All housing units: $595,599; Detached houses: $620,710. Holy WOW! That’s not the high-end homes, THAT’S THE AVERAGE COST! Ok, so we have a lot of wealthy people crammed into a very small space. What else is this town all about? The average income is $135,754. The vast majority all are college-educated and predominately white. Ok, now I have a better understanding of what makes up this community. Back to the realities at hand.

We have a Town, I mean Village that has approved a ban on certain weapons and if not removed, handed in or disposed of, the owner of such weapon will face a daily fine: “The new ordinance takes effect June 13. Residents who still have banned weapons after that date face up to $1,000 fines per day. The new ordinance was modeled on a ban put in place in Highland Park, Illinois, which went to the United States Supreme Court. The high court let a lower court ruling allowing the ban stand.”If Highland Park, if Deerfield, if more towns say no to this type of weapon, maybe the state of Illinois says no,” said Deerfield Village Manager Kent Street. “Maybe the federal government says no.”

One Deerfield resident, Dan Cox shared his reaction to the new gun ban stating, “You are the bureaucrats that Thomas Jefferson warned us about!” Another concerned citizen said, “The ordinance to store firearms was only passed for one reason… That was to have an amendatory vehicle that could be used in the future for just this purpose so you could banish assorted firearms in the future. First, it’s going to be assault rifles. [There will be] new bans in the future. It’s just a matter of time.” But wait for it, here it is, a high school student speaking out. “This is our fight. This is our generation’s fight, and we’re going to keep fighting,” Deerfield High School student Ariella Kharasch said at a public hearing, “Thank you for being part of that.” One reporter stated; “Local elected officials and high school students praised trustees for moving forward with the ban.” Notice here, two things, first we all know that even local government officials are elected, but it was important for a reporter to use the word, “elected” and secondly the praise comes from high school students…not one mention of citizens of Deerfield. Ahh, but the video below shows all the citizens of Deerfield are for this ban, or does it?

What do some of the citizens say about this ban, that was not put to a vote by the people, but passed by the Democrats on the demands of high school students and the progressive left? Obviously, Deerfield is Democrat-run and by definition, the people did vote those into office that ultimately made this decision, but as the case generally is, not everyone is happy about it.

Mitchell Shore said he is a state-certified law enforcement instructor who has trained more than 1,000 police in the use of the AR-15. He argued that there are plenty of gun laws on the books already, but they just need to be enforced more effectively. “Now that I’m retired, if you pass this ordinance I am now a criminal in the village’s eyes,” he said. “My over 20 years of law enforcement service mean nothing, and now I have to move or stay and break the law.” Some local gun owners spoke in opposition to the proposal. Daniel Easterday said he would be forced to cancel a $70,000 addition to his house and move again, having already moved out of Highland Park to avoid its weapon ban.

Watch the meeting here.

Now the speeches from the kids were very impassioned, however, not one addressed all the other factors that those who opposed this ban addressed, well, except for the last female student who admitted that “car accidents kill far more kids than guns.” These students nor the pro-grabbers mentioned the violence in video games, mental health issues in recent shooters, or the HUGE issue of bullying in school and the astronomical rate of school-age suicides due to this. Not mentioned by the leftists at this meeting or the kids who spoke was the fact that Nic Cruz was bullied, on medication to control his behavior and had been know as a public risk by many law enforcement agencies, school administrators, and students. These major issues were only mentioned by those who oppose this ban. Perhaps it is because these people actually WANT to address the real issues behind these violent acts. Unfortunately, it has taken gun bans for Conservatives to start to really become vocal about mental health issues, medicating children with adult drugs, bullying, etc. Maybe if we had yelled louder, or had our children marching on crusades against ANY of these issues that have been affecting them for years, then maybe, we wouldn’t be seen as the murderous NRA that the left coins us. We can’t keep saying–“guns don’t kill…people do”, because the Left doesn’t understand that. We must blame it on something other than people. So let’s start with Psychotropic drugs, and bullies (as long as we don’t put a face to a bully we should be fine).

So, this brings me to the main reason why I wanted to write this to you, today. It is a question, actually a series of questions pertaining to the gun ban in Deerfield, IL. Firstly, how will the “elected” local government enforce this ban? Secondly, how will law enforcement know who is in possession of these weapons, and lastly, will those who disobey this law have their guns confiscated along with the hefty daily fines–and if so, how will they go about that? These were the first questions that came to my mind when I read about this gun ban in Deerfield, IL.

Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and featured writer

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