September 6, 2018

The period of time in and around WWll was so devastating in terms of lives lost. Many of us Americans, especially younger people have little to no understanding of the magnitude of deaths that occurred in Communist and Socialist countries during that time period.  VIDEO HERE

When we look at our own political climate, it becomes soberly clear that history has been forgotten and we are now tossed by the waves of ignorance…our children are violently screaming in the streets, begging for a political system that will ultimately destroy them; they see good as evil and evil as good and in their own ignorance they rally to; “JUST DO IT!” Nothing is more destructive to a Nation than a population that is ignorant and led by a corrupt, controlled media.

Teachers, I implore you to TEACH! Do NOT focus on “WHY” someone has a right to, for instance, kneel, instead start teaching history, start focusing on TRUTH, not personal feelings. In doing so our children will learn and understand, without any coercion or misconceptions the entire story, not simply bits and pieces used to blur their focus. It is not about your RIGHT to do something, it is about; are you RIght in what you do?




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