January 22, 2018



Everyone was Trump’s friend before he ran and won the US Presidency! The premises behind his HIT show, The Apprentice, which ran for 12 seasons–TWELVE– did NOT focus on, sex, immoral behavior, lying or cheating. No, quite the opposite. Its goal was to create groups of people who could work together as a team, support one another until, finally one person showed they were the best candidate to run a successful business. And if you take a moment to see where these Apprentice winners are now–even many of the losers–you may be shocked at how being on this show changed their lives.



Not ONLY did most of Hollywood adore Trump, so did the majority of Politicians. Was it because he was RICH and POWERFUL and they felt he could be helpful to them? Well, that is obvious! He was so liked and such an American Icon that Major Corporations hired him to advertise their products. Companies such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Verizon, Visa, Office Depot, Dominos Pizza, TV Land, Macy’s, Serta, and a myriad of guest appearances, proved that America Loved Trump! The aforementioned companies that hired Trump to sell their products, were NOT racist, not homophobic, nor were they misogynist, women-hating companies! Their BOTTOM LINE was to reach as many people, from as many demographics and ethnic diversities as possible to get them to buy their product. AND THEY HIRED DONALD TRUMP to do it! Why? Well simply because even though he was a successful billionaire, land developer, he had this ability to relate to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, no matter their race, gender or financial status. America loved Trump and so did all the companies that hired him to push their product.


So understanding that NOTHING is a secret in politics, Hollywood or in the business world, well at least NOT to the insiders; someone, please explain to me how, if Trump is this horrible, “misogynist”, “racist”, “homophobe”, especially in the time that everyone loved him, were they just turning a blind eye to all of this? Were THEY ALL pretending to fool and lie to the American public about this man just to sell their products? Were politicians like the Clinton’s taking YUGE contributions from him just to further their political careers, using funds from a DEPLORABLE person? Were all these Hollywood celebrities begging to be on his A-list just to use him? Did Black men like the infamous Jesse Jackson stand up in front of the C-SPAN cameras and call Donald Trump a RACIST? Did Jackson Expose Trump for the Racist the Left now claims he is? Or was he just pimping Trump for his own agenda? And did Trump go along with this lie simply to help out Jesse Jackson in his quest to better the lives of Blacks and Minorities? Was this all a lie, a performance by both Trump and Jackson? A COLLUSION Perhaps! 


The absolute bottom line is: Either they were lying then or they are lying now! A lie is still a lie…




Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and the featured writer.




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