January 20, 2017

There has been a lot of “news” steaming up my facebook feed lately.  It is hard to keep up with all the vastly differing opinions on any particular subject and which, “expert” actually knows what he/she is talking about.  I have found, depending upon their politics and who is actually funding the research the “facts” directly correlate to the party line; just like an expert witness in a court case…their paid testimony can make or break the case.  And, most of the time, each side has its own, “expert witness” bought and paid to sway the jury.  Such is the case, with the Global Warming alarmists.  I think we all knew that there was no way we were going to get through this election and past the Inauguration without the doom and gloom, man-made global warmers heating things up.  After all, it was President Obama who claimed that Climate Change was more dangerous than ISIS; “I’m more worried about climate change than ISIS!”  Hmmm, well ok… perhaps he was speaking for himself personally and not the country in general. Which brings me to a few environmental stories that have made the rounds lately.

The first one that caught my attention last week, was regarding volcanos and their negligent effect on global warming, climate change, etc.  For decades it had been scientifically accepted that the gasses, debris, pollution, and heat emitted from volcanos, especially Super Volcanos erupting, had a profound effect on the environment.  A simple internet search, 10 years ago would prove this.  However, it seems that the scientists were just doing the math wrong and have found that volcanos are not as harmful to the planet as man-made, gasses, debris, pollution and heat, which we all know causes Global warming AND Climate Change!  Now a simple google search shows that the data was wrong and volcano’s put out a “sustainable” amount of emissions.  Ummm, anyone out there remember Mount St. Hellens?  I wonder how quickly the “facts” would change if three major volcanos erupted at the same time.  Take Krakatoa for instance, which was the largest recorded volcanic eruption in 1883.  So violent was this eruption that global temperatures were on the chilly side all around the globe due to the massive amounts of reflective volcanic aerosols that were ejected into the atmosphere.  Ironically, the lack of the sun’s ray also affected the ocean’s water temperature…no kidding, without the warmth of the sun, the oceans cooled and continued to stay cool for almost a century!  Weird right.  I read one scientific report that said if it hadn’t been for Krakatoa erupting we would be seeing our current, “global warming” intensified and perhaps at a critical point of us spontaneously combusting.  The spontaneously combusting part was mine.  Well, thank God, for natural disasters to stave off man’s desire to kill our planet with man-made Global Warming! 

So this brings me to the important news of the day.  “Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year”  New York Times (01/19/2017)  Inspired as I was, while looking at the 3 feet of melting snow in my yard, I read the entire article!  Low and behold, in the second paragraph, “Trump”.  Obviously, Trump hates people and wants us all to burn in a global catastrophe after the earth floods and floats all of the ISIS armies to our shores!  Remember it IS Global warming that created ISIS!  It’s really damn hot in the Middle East ya know!  So back to the article…evidently, the earth has gotten hotter, and for the past 3 years, each year slightly hotter than the next.  After the Anti-Trump paragraph, the next was a mixture of undisputed scientific “facts” and the “profound threat” this warming will have on the “civilization” of the entire world!!!  We are all going to die…unless we live, and that is an undisputed fact!  Then the next paragraph stated this:  “In 2015 and 2016, the planetary warming was intensified by the weather pattern known as El Niño, in which the Pacific Ocean released a huge burst of energy and water vapor into the atmosphere. But the bigger factor in setting the records was the long-term trend of rising temperatures, which scientists say is being driven by increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.”    Wait a minute!  Did Trump create this YUGE burst of energy in the Pacific Ocean, or was it the Russians? Although the article did mention China.  It must be man-made!  Let’s look into this…and the rabbit trail begins.


At the very beginning of the rabbit hole, I stumble on a fault, (through no fault of my own–not man-made) literally a Pacific underwater fault! “Massive amounts of heat pulsing from the earth!”  Geologist, James Edward Kamis.  By the way, Kamis is/was a strong propagator of the Man-Made Global warming theory.  On Oct. 12, 2015, some scientists noticed that a hole had been created in the sea ice directly above a fault line in the Gakkel Ridge Rift / Fault System.    

The Gakkel ridge is a gigantic chain of underwater volcanoes snaking 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles) beneath the Arctic Ocean from the northern tip of Greenland to Siberia. So, a big hole was punched out of the ice due to systemic activity (tectonic plates moving and volcanos erupting).  All of this super-charged heat and gasses broke through the ice and flew right into heavens.  Hold the phone…VOLCANOS?  This wasn’t on the news so it certainly can’t be true!  Oh, it gets better! 

Let’s wander over to Guam and learn something about heating, venting and cooling—HVAC to the layman.  A few years ago, a group of scientists started focusing their attention to the waters near Guam and discovered a natural phenomenon called the “Global Chimney”.  According to an article by the Scientific American, By Kevin Schultz, July 17, 2014 (Giant Global “Chimney” Could Alter Climate Change. Understanding how ocean gases are pumped into the upper atmosphere could help predict and even regulate our future world environment) this chimney thing seems to cause havoc on our global environment.  So now I want to know more about this recently discovered “Global Chimney”   “A sparsely populated part of the western tropical Pacific Ocean, known as the “global chimney,” boasts the world’s warmest ocean temperatures and vents massive volumes of warm gases from the surface high into the atmosphere, which may shape global climate and air chemistry enough to impact billions of people worldwide..”  Credit: Rebecca Hornbrook  

What are scientists saying about this “Giant Chimney”  and why haven’t I heard about this if it can affect “Billions” of people in the world?  “There are a lot of consequences from this type of air motion,” says Elliot Atlas, professor of marine and atmospheric chemistry at the University of Miami and a principal investigator for the project. “There is a link between the chemistry that goes on in this type of air motion and the subsequent effects on the trace gasses and aerosols in the atmosphere that ultimately impact climate.”   Here is a rendering of this global chimney: (Artist Credit to NCAR)

We have many gasses in our atmosphere, such as, chlorofluorocarbons (bad), and bromine compounds (bad), which are mostly man-made and can hang out in the stratosphere for years.  However, bromine a compound generally found in fire extinguishers, which is much more reactive than chlorofluorocarbons, is also produced in large quantities in nature.  I just read all about Bromine and my head is full, I suggest you fill your head as well.  I did discover, however, that this element is found mostly in saltwater, (um, like the many vast oceans around the world) and in the earth’s crust as well as in decaying things.  “Natural salt deposits and brines are the main sources of bromine and its compounds. Jordan, Israel, and China led the world in bromine production in the early 21st century;”   Ah HA!  The New York Times was right, Trump and China are causing global warming which is creating climate change!  How did I not put 2 and 2 together?  Alright, back to the chimney.  Just like in your house fireplace, the chimney vents not only the gasses and heat from your fire, it is not discriminatory, it will certainly suck all the heat from your home, like a huge vacuum right into the outside world. I tell my kids all the time, “shut the fireplace doors, that’s money going up the chimney!”  The same thing has been RECENTLY discovered with this Global Chimney in this area of the Pacific Ocean and, “The planet’s climate ultimately becomes altered when these gasses (natural) start to affect the amount of energy from the sun that is allowed to reach Earth’s surface or is stored in the atmosphere. Besides increasing or decreasing the levels of ozone in the upper atmosphere, some of the chemicals also contribute directly to the greenhouse effect. For example, added water vapor pumped into the upper atmosphere from the chimney increases the amount of energy trapped there, in turn heating the planet further.”  I added the word, NATURAL into this quote, because we really shouldn’t have confusion here with regards to the earth’s natural emissions from underwater faults spewing gasses and underwater volcanoes erupting, as well as the effects of decay,  that gets sucked into this global chimney and pushed into our upper atmosphere.  There has also been a much smaller chimney discovered in the Asian monsoon circulation, which is predominate in the summer season and creates a path from the lower atmosphere to the higher stratosphere.  Remember, these NATURAL emissions are considered to affect Billions of people and are just now being studied.  Ross Salawitch, a University of Maryland, College Park, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences states,  “And although the collection process is now over, the scientists have a lot of data to sift through before they can say for sure what exactly is happening in this chimney and what its future impact on the world’s climate could be. “The data collected during these missions will stand as benchmarks for testing how well the tropics are represented in computer simulations and in forecasts of future climate,”  Well, ok then..about 5 years of data collection should show a LOT (insert sarcasm font here) regarding how much these underwater volcanoes, faults, decaying ocean life, and salt are actually affecting the climate.  I thought that we already knew this…but alas we are well informed! Google searches result in the assertion that Global Warming and Climate change are mostly man-made and have very little to do with volcanos?  Ahhh, must be the changing tide of science, tossed to and fro.  After all, according to Al Gore, the North Pole would be ice-free by now, which it’s NOT!  In January 2006, Al Gore posited “within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return” and “a true planetary emergency” due to global warming.”  PLANETARY EMERGENCY!  Now that was scary!  Guess we dodged that bullet.

What I have learned by my own personal research today, is that we have some superheated, chemically charged water, caused by underwater seismic activity, that happens every once and a while causing the phenomena we know as El Nino.  From everything I have researched, nowhere did I find humans lighting these underwater volcanos on fire, or that offshore drilling was causing the earth’s plates to move.  So, El Nino heats and La Nina cools…what are they trying to convey here with those gender-specific names anyway?  Even, Kamis states, “Even though the October 12 event was associated with an extensive earthquake swarm, a huge methane release, and a significant series of volcanic eruptions along the Gakkel Ridge, it was, and still is dismissed as insignificant by most climate scientists advocating the theory of man-made global warming,”   As I write this, there is just no denying climate change (we see what you did there scientists) as last week we saw record snowfalls, sub-zero temperatures and now it is 37 degrees and the snow is melting causing lots of water on the roads.  Moreover, this winter Jerusalem saw heavy snowfall for the first time in four years and that means the tensions caused by the heat should calm the Middle East down for a while…right?  So who can deny Climate Change?  It’s been changing forever and will continue with this pattern.

Please do not misunderstand why I felt the need to compose this.  I firmly believe that we are stewards of the earth and are responsible to keep it healthy.  However, I also know that people can be easily controlled, agendas fulfilled and money made when a man-made crisis is created.  People tend to be gullible, intellectually lazy and have the propensity to buy into whatever is pandered to them.  I think I will forward this blog entry to Dom Tullipso (pronounced, “too-YEEP-so” because the L’s are silent) to get his views on the subject.

But for now, it seems that we should focus our hysteria and fears on things that we can not control, like that friggen, YUGE, “Global Chimney!” that is sucking the life out of us!   Oh wait, never mind, no money to be made there…”it’s all going right up the chimney!”


(Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and a featured writer.)

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