Fascism Reinvented…New Meanings to Old Words!

March 26, 2017


I wonder when the liberal left is going to stop calling Trump a Fascist. Do they really think that they can keep saying a lie long enough and people will eventually believe it? While actually proving their true identity, albeit behind black masks, that indeed, it is THEM who are the Fascists! They are the ones who want to silence free speech, cause violence, and are being paid well to do it! This is the true face of Fascism folks. It is pretty scary to see that the real ideology of fascism has been expunged from most web searches and replaced with Liberal Language. Words like, “Nationalism, patriotism, flag flying, increased government military” have replaced the core ideologies of Fascism which are, “silencing speech, fake propaganda, the government dictates how businesses can be run, and violent ‘protests’ to achieve a goal.” When we think of the term Fascism images of Hitler and Mussolini come to mind. But, in reality, these men were Dictators! “Fascism just means any regime that resembles Mussolini’s, Hitler wasn’t strictly fascist, he’s just called such for convenience. A Fascism regime usually has to meet 5 criteria -exalts nation and sometimes race above the individual, -uses violence and modern techniques of propaganda and censorship to forcibly suppress political opposition, -engages in severe economic and social regimentation. -engages in corporatism -implements or is a totalitarian regime.”

We see these very things in not so subtle ways within the Liberal party. The ideology is the same, just the words are different. They exalt humanism, not nationalism, to a Liberal, Humanism IS Nationalism. We have clearly seen their very organized acts of violence as well as their powerfully, provocative propaganda via any social media outlet available. Since the recent election and even prior, the Liberals demand to censor and forcibly (violently) suppress those who disagree with their ideologies has been captured over and over by anyone holding a cell phone. With the advent of Black lives Matter, the feminazi and the transgender movement, as well as the anti-police agenda the Liberals are fulfilling the “severe economic and social regimentation.” Corporatism? Well, the average person has no idea what this really means–they think it is all about the government being in bed with big corporations and to some small degree that is true. However, it has a much clearer meaning: Corporatism- the control of a state or organization by large interest groups. We see this particular “control” by large interest groups running rampant within the Liberal party. Corporatism is a Liberal Ideology and far from Capitalism. “Capitalism is an economic system that recognizes individual rights while corporatism is a political and economic system that seeks social justice and equality among individuals.” Although we are taught that Corporatism is a right-wing system, created by those greedy conservatives fascists …but in reality, it is a SOCIALIST scheme to keep rule over the majority to fulfill the desires of a few.

When one uses catchphrases to describe Fascism, like Nationalism, Patriotism and a Strong Military, they are not describing fascism at all. That is descriptive of a united country, a nation of people who love their country and want it to be strong and unified.

When we see a large group of organized people, trying to suppress free speech, organizing violent protests to cause harm and instill fear in those that disagree with them…who use hate speech and fear-mongering, who desperately want the government to dictate how businesses are run, people who want to divide the races and cause chaos…when you see those people, you see the roots of Fascism growing. Remember, Hitler didn’t want capitalism, he didn’t want free enterprise and only wanted unity and loyalty to himself, to his agenda. He divided the people by race, he indoctrinated the children, his protesters (the ones for him) disseminated provocative propaganda, caused mass violence towards those who disagreed with him. Do you see any familiarities here? Take a good look at the Liberal Left and you will see how Hitler used his power. The Liberal Left in the United States is trying that same approach.






Daniella Cross is the Guardian of 4Earth and the featured writer.




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