4Organic? In or Out? 

4Organic? In or Out?

September 6, 2015

We recently acquired the name 4Organic.com.  Now I was pretty excited about this new acquisition to add to my portfolio but considering my mixed feelings about organic meat and produce I must question my motives.  Now I will be the first person in line at the veg. stand on the side of the road in our quaint little town, because I honestly think there is nothing better than the taste of a sun-ripened, warm mater right off the vine!  Delights my heart in Mid October just remembering biting into that sweet, ruby red tomato—no salt needed!  I can generally load up a grocery bag with the finest of what Mother Nature can produce for less than $10.00 and that includes all sorts of squashes, corn, cukes and whatever else my farmer neighbor down the streets happens to have out on his stand at the time. 

Now, this brings me to the crux of my problem.  Now it is mid October and all the stands in our town–and we have many–are closed down, well except for the HUGE one and they will be selling pumpkins for cheap, all squashes and gourds will be clearanced and Taters and Onions will be a bargain price of $5.00 for a 20 pound bag. until they pack up and head South for the winter. So it is finished and my heart cries out… So what am I to do?  I wander the “organic” isles of the grocery store and realize that I am being emotionally drained by STICKER SHOCK!  How in the world is it that I can buy 10 vine-ripened tomatoes from the stand down the street for about a $1.00 but here at the organic aisle in the store they are $6.99 a POUND!  WHAT!  How did this happen?  Will I have to settle for the “regular” (for lack of better words) produce until next summer?  And the answer to that question is; YES, YES I WILL!  BUT, will my family suffer for my cheapness?  Will they know the difference? Most likely not as they do not have the emotional attachment that I have formed to fresh, out of the garden veggies.  They do not have the anticipation that I have become accustomed to as I slowly drive up to the rickety stand on the side of the road…the giddiness that I have, just wondering what was harvested that day!  No, that is MY emotional attachment, they will just eat whatever I cook for them and gosh darn it, they will LOVE IT!

So what shall I do with the name 4ORGANIC.com?  Not sure yet.  Perhaps I will start a little Fungi farm in my basement.  I hear they can mushroom into very successful businesses 🙂

Cindy Burke, an author, cook, and blogger did an excellent interview with NPR news and she had some interesting comments regarding the organic industry.  Take a moment to check it out. 





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